The implications of pop-up shops for CIM

Published on 12 December 2012 by in Latest News

pop up stores The implications of pop up shops for CIM

Adidas is the latest brand to venture into the growing popularity of pop-up stores, triggering speculation on how this commercial format might impact on customer interaction management in the future.

While pop-up stores were initially developed as temporary versions of traditional shops, an increasing number of retailers are beginning to use the setup as a means to better connect the online and offline shopping experience.

Adidas’ current offering takes the form of an interactive display window of product images, which consumers can scan using their mobiles to discover information about each product and place purchase orders. Customers can also manually and drop products into a virtual basket using augmented reality technology, while also choosing to view clothing items on the models in the window.

Beyond creating a unique customer experience for shoppers, this forward-thinking format also reduces the need for both staff and retail space, which could lead to significant cost savings for high street stores.
More importantly, as far as customer interaction management is concerned, it also enables retailers to digitally monitor and record the offline browsing behaviour of their customers in a way that would never be possible with traditional bricks and mortar stores.

This wealth of information on each individual customer’s shopping preferences could then be used to tailor service specifically to their requirements. In the case of customer service, this could be as simple as displaying clothing details for customers who have previously made queries related to similar products.
Alongside improving customer service however, CIM data could also be used to target repeat customers more accurately, prompting them to view similar or complementary items to those they have previously purchased or browsed. Additionally, by linking the pop-up store format to social media channels, consumers’ purchases could be automatically shared.

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