Free in-store Wi-Fi: a recipe for better customer engagement?

Published on 27 November 2012 by in Latest News

Wifi mobile apps customer interaction management Free in store Wi Fi: a recipe for better customer engagement?

Several major UK high street retailers have begun offering free wireless internet access within their branches in order to improve the customer experience for those using mobile devices while in store.

The move comes amidst reports from a recent survey that 43 per cent of consumers have used a Smartphone or tablet from within a shop to compare prices or research product reviews. Several large brick and mortar store chains, including Tesco and Debenhams, have therefore decided to embrace this trend and turn it to their advantage, using in-store browsing to more accurately target shoppers and boost customer engagement.

In the case of Tesco, the primary benefit of the scheme has been to provide the retailer with an additional opportunity to leverage customer data, through requiring users to enter their Clubcard number in order to access the Wi-Fi network.

This creates a direct link between purchase history records and the customer at the exact moment when they are browsing the supermarket’s aisles. Taken in combination with geo-location technology, such as Tesco’s in-store ‘sat nav’ app, this then enables the retailer to send shoppers reminders to re-stock a frequently purchased item as they enter the aisle in which it is located.

Similar customer interaction management strategies could also be used to send customers personalised promotional offers via their Smartphone, with survey data suggesting 74 per cent of consumers would be happy to be targeted in this way while using in-store Wi-Fi.

French supermarket giant, Casino, has even gone so far as to integrate a shopping list app, mobile scanning and mobile wallet technology into its customer service offering. This comprehensive list of mobile facilities then allows the user to complete their customer journey entirely through a mobile device.

At the same time, the retailer gains valuable insights into each individual’s shopping behaviour, which can be used to improve the overall customer experience.

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