Co-ordinating CRM channels to capture multi-channel consumers

Published on 22 November 2012 by in Latest News

Multichannel Customer Relationship Management1 Co ordinating CRM channels to capture multi channel consumers

Individuals who use more than one medium to complete their Christmas shopping are likely to spend twice as much as the average consumer, according to new research by international consulting firm, Deloitte.

“There’s always been a retail adage that your multichannel shopper was your best customer,” affirms vice chairman of Deloitte’s retail and distribution sector, Alison Paul. ”What was surprising was the difference. The person who is not shopping across all channels is going to spend half as much as cross channel. It’s not just a better customer you’re getting; it’s a significantly better customer.”

Given the considerable opportunity these omni-channel consumers represent for businesses looking to boost their revenues, ensuring the customer relationship management system incorporates multiple access channels is clearly of paramount importance.

“Consumers with smartphones are using them to be better informed,” Paul explains. “They get answers quickly. They are a better informed consumer and have access to better education for what they’re buying.”

Beyond simply offering multiple access points for providing customer service information, though, organisations must also integrate these various channels within their CRM system. This co-ordinated approach provides customer service assistants with a comprehensive view of each individual’s interactions with the company, collating data from each channel on their previous communications and purchase behaviour.

To maximise effectiveness, this multi-channel strategy must also be carried forth into any promotional activity carried out on the basis of purchase history data contained in the CRM database.

Kendal Perez, deals expert at a leading coupon site, offers a pertinent example of this principle. “Retailers need to be sure any offers or promotions featured in coupon circulars are also available as mobile coupons,” she states, adding, “Ultimately, retailers will drive customers to their stores by keeping them informed via mobile and online channels.”

Guides on how CRM technology can be applied to each of the different sales channels to improve efficiency, from mobile to social media, can be found here.

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