Businesses invited to share their views on CRM

Published on 12 November 2012 by in Latest News

Evolving role CRM for companies Businesses invited to share their views on CRM

The world of customer service has changed significantly in recent years with the rise of social media and mobile internet, and alongside it, so have customers’ expectations.

Research suggests 83 per cent of consumers that post customer service queries to Twitter and 51 per cent of those asking questions via Facebook now expect a same day response, posing a real challenge for businesses looking to meet customer expectations.

Mobile customer service has similarly become a vital part of a company’s CRM offering. Over 90 per cent of consumers suggest they would happily replace some or all of their usual customer service channels with a comparable mobile app.

In light of these increasing demands on a company’s CRM strategy, numero would like to discover how firms are coping with the shifting customer service landscape. We’re therefore inviting businesses to get in touch and explain how they’ve seen their customer relationship management strategies evolve over recent years to play a daily role in the operations of their organisation.

Responses will be featured on the numero blog for a comprehensive view of how different industries are adapting to the rapidly morphing nature of relationships between consumers and businesses. This will enable numero to identify common barriers to meeting the exacting demands of today’s consumers, so that time can be devoted towards finding viable solutions that help companies deal with these important CRM issues.

Additionally, numero is also keen to hear what each business’ predictions are for the future of the customer service sector, and what they’d like to see from the CRM systems of tomorrow. These views will serve as a further driver to new CRM software developments, with the aim of supporting each different company in best meeting the transforming needs of their customers.

To share your company’s experience of customer relationship management in the era of social and mobile, contact numero on Twitter.

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