Disney set to take CRM to its parks

Published on 23 October 2012 by in Latest News

DisneyCRM Disney set to take CRM to its parks

Entertainment giant Disney has taken steps to revolutionise its customer relationship management system in order to provide park visitors with a greater level of personalisation.

Disney trend-watch website, Disney By The Numbers, reports ‘Former employees and bloggers say Disney is looking at using RFID sensors in attractions, so that experiences could be tailored based on individual guest preferences.’

The international entertainment brand already utilises its current CRM system to collect data on previous visit history, spending information and demographics. Additionally, it has recently begun tracking customer sentiments through interaction with the brand’s social media accounts.

Moving forward, it is now intended that the data from this CRM system will be integrated with radio-frequency identification technology in order to offer customers an additional level of customer service when they enter Disney’s resorts. Disney By The Numbers explains that ‘For example, as guests wander around a park or advance through a ride, their favourite animated character might appear and address them by name.’

Beyond enhancing the consumer experience, however, linking CRM technology with park-level activity also offers lucrative sales possibilities for the business. As expressed by Disney By The Numbers, ‘Disney might be able to tell, for instance, that a family wandering one of its theme parks in the evening has no dinner reservations, and so could contact the family by cell phone to suggest nearby restaurants with available seats or promotions.’

Equally, details collected by the CRM system on visitor movement throughout the park could be used to inform future layout planning for Disney’s parks, a system which could also prove useful to enterprises from other background, such as town planners.

In fact many of Disney’s innovative ideas on how to include CRM for business into all facets of a company’s operations could prove highly transferable to other enterprises from all backgrounds, so that in the future, ground-level CRM systems might become a regular occurrence.

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