How mobile CRM technology can improve in-store customer service

Published on 17 October 2012 by in Latest News

mobile phone in store crm How mobile CRM technology can improve in store customer service

Pioneering retailers have begun using mobile CRM technology to overcome the danger of customers viewing a product in store before searching online for a cheaper alternative: a process known as ‘showrooming’.

According to a CRM industry specialist, “Showrooming can be damaging to a business. However, it also presents an opportunity for retailers to rethink their strategy, leverage their in-store advantages, and make on- and offline channels complement each other.”

For these high-street brands, unable to compete on price alone given the low operating costs of online retailers, the ability to provide an additional level of customer service through mobile CRM systems may represent a vital differentiation strategy. In the words of a leading CRM for business expert, “The most important thing for retailers to do is equip sales associates with technology, such as an app, which prepares the employee for face-to-face interactions by providing a complete, 360-degree view of the customer.”

Combined with a comprehensive CRM system database and geo-fencing of the store, these apps would allow customer assistants to instantly view the sales and interaction history between the company and each individual that enters. This can then be used to personalise the service offered to customers.

As stated by another eminent customer service relationship management consultant, “That type of serendipitous engagement, with no strings attached – just a ‘hello Craig, welcome to our store’ – means a lot to consumers.”

Alongside improving customer service, mobile apps could also offer other benefits triggered when customers enter the store. These could include after-sales care, discount codes, stock availability information and personalised recommendations based on previous purchase and search history within the CRM system data bank.

Learn more about the potential opportunities available to your business through the use of CRM technology here.

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