sees results from using live chat in its CRM system

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Skycrm sees results from using live chat in its CRM system

Five years after incorporating a web chat system into the BSkyB CRM mix, director of e-experience Wendy Schratz has reported on the positive impact the channel has had on customer service and sales.

Speaking to marketing website Econsultancy, Schratz commented that, since its launch in in 2007, live chat assistance has reduced pressure on Sky telephone operators receiving around a million phone queries per day. The CRM system also conveys additional benefits to the business’ customer service strategy.

Speaking about the system, Shratz highlighted the unique features of live chat which allowed customer service reputation management representatives to ‘use everything that’s online to actually show them [the customer] an answer rather than just telling them’. As a result of the CRM system, a customer experiencing problems with their Sky box can be sent a diagram of exactly which buttons to press, or connections to check, in order to resolve the problem.

The web chat technology also includes a system of timed triggers that allow Sky to monitor browsing habits in order to automatically offer a pop-up chat box when a consumer may have technical problem while using the self-service website.

Crucially, the written format of the web-based customer relationship management technology also reduces the data entry burden on customer service assistants. Logging content from live chat interactions within the CRM system, alongside email correspondence and community forum posts, Sky can apply textual analysis tools to the data. Schratz explains this ‘will enable us to find sections of the site that don’t work from a customer point of view.’

Schratz also comments on the sales potential of the web chat application. ‘Without question, it is uplifting our sales conversions,’ she states.

31 per cent of UK and US online shoppers report being more inclined to purchase a product after utilising live chat. For further information on the customer service relationship management options available to your business, please view the CRM services section of our website.

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