predicts the role of virtual assistants in future CRM systems

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live chat crm predicts the role of virtual assistants in future CRM systems

While automated customer service reputation management systems already cut down the amount of labour time required to effectively collate customer data, CRM systems of the future may go a step further.

Speaking to a leading CRM website, chief technology officer, Alain Avakian, believes virtual assistants, or ‘chatbots’, may play a pivotal role in the customer service CRM strategies of tomorrow. According to Avakian, similar technology to that used by Apple’s Siri app could be utilised to automatically respond to routine customer queries in real-time via online chat, signifcantly reducing the burden on customer service staff.

This could prove especially advantageous in terms of dealing with customer inquiries outside of normal working hours.

As Ray Wang, CEO of a leading consultation firm commented:

‘Interactive chat is powerful because it allows both human and automated agents to handle multiple conversations at the same time.’

Of course, these so-called ‘chatbots’ would be linked up to existing CRM systems, enabling them to view a comprehensive overview of data related to all previous interactions between an individual customer and the business.
The complex algorithms which power these virtual assistants would then be able to interpret this data to inform the chatbot on what advice to give the consume. This means that, for example, a customer who has previously contacted the business about an issue will not be offered the same recommended course of action on successive calls.

However, while virtual assistants are sophisticated enough to recognise sarcasm and other negative sentiments, the technology may not yet be robust enough to represent a viable customer service CRM strategy. Implementing this type of customer service relationship management system would be a gradual process, since the accuracy of the chatbots’ responses improves as the knowledge base from which they take their data grows.

The numero blog will report back on these developments in the future, but in the meantime, take a look around our site for more information on how to optimise CRM channels for business.

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