Social media CRM drives customer loyalty

Published on 30 August 2012 by in Latest News

social media for business crm Social media CRM drives customer loyalty

A new survey from The Logic Group has discovered that social media drives customer loyalty. The study, which investigated user behaviour of consumers in the United Kingdom, revealed that so far this year, 22 per cent of Brits had visited the Facebook page of a company they felt ‘loyalty towards’.

Somewhat surprisingly, given recent stories (which you can read elsewhere on our social media CRM blog), banks and building societies topped the list of businesses consumers felt loyalty towards (66%), followed by supermarkets (53%) and mobile phone operators like Orange and O2 (53%).

“From a customer point of view, social media is changing the way customers interact with companies,” said Antony Jones, CEO at The Logic Group.

“For businesses, using social media platforms such as Facebook adds another channel to customer interactions and greater business opportunity to influence and engage with customers along their purchasing journey; whether that’s greater availability of information, a more relevant and customer-friendly tone to communications, responding quickly to an enquiry, or offering a targeted loyalty deals to followers.”

The study also investigated the loyalty consumers felt on Twitter, the micro-blogging social network, discovering that eight per cent of Brits had followed a company on the platform. The survey found that this figure would likely double across 2012 as the site became more popular with users.

As a whole, the research provides compelling evidence for those businesses unsure of whether to devote the resources to accommodate social media into their customer service management systems. Channels like Twitter and Facebook provide organisations with the ability to generate online and mobile revenues from a social media community, however the appropriate social media CRM systems need to be in place in order for businesses to make the most of this opportunity. You can learn more about how we have helped companies achieve this with our social media for business solutions.

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