Social CRM reduces strain on resources

Published on 26 July 2012 by in Latest News

social media crm Social CRM reduces strain on resources

Last week, the numero blog highlighted the need for companies to effectively manage their social media customer service; to treat customer enquiries from Twitter and Facebook with the same value as those from the telephone, email or online chat systems.

One of the most common complaints from organisations is that they do not have the time or the resource to manage the flow of social media enquiries; that once they open the floodgates to social media customer service, the internal team will not be able to manage the volume from customers. Indeed, a survey from socialmediatoday found that 37.8 per cent of marketing professions struggled to allocate proper time and resources to social media, failing to deal with comments and complaints because the staff aren’t available to handle the deluge from platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
So, what is to be done?

A recent article from The Guardian asked some interesting questions regarding this social CRM issue, posing the question as to whether a bad social media presence was better than none at all. Writing in the article, John Stuart commented:

“They know that social media is important, but they hesitate to commit to it. The stumbling block is usually the time that it takes to make social media work but there are many other reasons too.

“While it is mostly free, it can be very labour intensive. Someone has to post to Facebook and Twitter and manage the YouTube channel. Here, the main challenge is not the mechanics of setting up social media, but understanding what to do with it and keeping up with developments.”

Here at numero, we believe that, in order to be truly effective, social media needs to be fully integrated within existing CRM systems. By combining customer management through Twitter, Facebook, the phone, email and online chat software, organisations can reduce costs and ensure that social media enquiries can be handled effectively. Social media needs to be incorporated into traditional CRM channels. Learn how we’ve helped dozens of international clients do this with our customer management social CRM systems.

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