Updates from #integratingsocial conference relating to customer experience through social media

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Tweets from #integratingsocial

Tweets from today’s #integratingsocial event, held in Manchester.

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And we’re off #IntegratingSocial http://pic.twitter.com/0P14GtofAlan Townley
Majority of US twitter users are young, early adopters, well educated. Real value in its own right, if integrated #integratingsocialSME Club
Dont agree with John Ashcroft that there is no correlation between Interbrands top 100 & their social footprints. Debate? #integratingsocialJeremy Waite
“@welovechocolate: Apparently more people in the world use a mobile phone than use a toothbrush?!? #integratingsocial” that’s shocking!Victoria Hudson
being small helps to move fast. Use feedback from social media to keep on trend, then educate them about availability #integratingsocialSME Club
Create user centric site and consider user journey. Mobile first – build up from there into desktop site #integratingsocialSME Club
Good crowds and coffee at @TheSMEClub #integratingsocial event http://pic.twitter.com/oA9Afp7GSpace°
@jeremywaite – Social media should educate, entertain, inform and inspire. #IntegratingSocial (@RDPRtweets)Jenneil Peters
Social is all about being there for your customers – or swearing, apparently. #integratingsocialDave Thackeray
Next time you’re in the car, look at 5 people. They will be texting… Not paying attention to billboards (or road!!) #integratingsocialSME Club
Insightful tweets from the #integratingsocial session today. Worth a review.Zoe Colclough

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Google Buy Now button coming soon

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