Forrester call for domestication of untamed & invisible customer processes

Published on 29 June 2012 by in Latest News

Forrester analyst endorses numero CRM solution

William Band, the Vice President and Principal Analyst at global research firm Forrester, has called for organisations to embrace new channels in an effort to ‘domesticate’ emerging customer platforms.
Writing on the official Forrester blog, Band commented:

“Companies are moving from isolated business process management (BPM) and/or front-office customer relationship management (CRM) projects toward broader transformation initiatives across the organization. At the core of this trend is a desire by these organizations, especially in services industries, to domesticate their “untamed” or “invisible” processes that touch customers.”

Band’s comments come as a new survey from A.T. Kearney found that 70 per cent of complaints made to businesses on social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook were ignored. The survey also discovered that between five and 20 per cent of all enquiries to organisations were made through these web platforms.

The growing popularity of new contact channels such as social media has led to increasing demand for organisations to provide a viable customer management service across these platforms. Over 12,233 tweets are sent every second across Twitter. The greatest challenge facing organisations is how to categorise, prioritise and manage the massive amount of interaction now flooding in via the web and mobile, while also maintaining standards across more traditional channels like phone and email.

Writing about this emerging business challenge, Forrester’s William Band singled out the numero platform as an example of a cutting-edge CRM solution designed to meet the constantly evolving behaviour of the customer. Writing on the Forrester website, Band noted:

“I’ve just finished up several months of research digging into the best practices of how leading organizations aspire to implement outside-in, customer-focused, cross-functional processes that transform the organization and set it on the path toward continuous improvement.

“The solution [numero interactive] delivers a single agent desktop built on a strong BPM and content management platform.”

numero’s customer service management systems have helped international businesses transform the way they manage and prioritise their interactions with customers. The numero platform is designed to provide a comprehensive and streamlined solution; giving companies the opportunity to cut costs, while increasing the standard of customer service. numero enables organisations to handle extremely large volumes of customer interaction with ease. Our customer management CRM system provides businesses with the ability to streamline the ways customers communicate, whether by phone, online, web, social media, in-writing or text message. We’re proud to offer an innovative and effective solution to the greatest challenge facing companies today; providing a flexible CRM service for all customers, regardless of the contact platform they choose to utilise.

Our work with LIME, a subsidiary of Cable & Wireless, for example, has revolutionised the company’s multi-channel customer help centre, providing a clear customer journey across multiple platforms. The numero solution, which runs over 13 territories and two time zones, has transformed the company’s customer service experience and provided a clear return on investment for the business.

Typically, there is a quantifiable return on investment for numero clients – one recent project yielded a 46 per cent reduction in call-waiting times, 20 per cent reduction in inbound emails and phone calls and a 30 per cent increase in average basket values. You can find more information about the benefits of the numero platform, as well as the international clients we’ve worked with, throughout the site. Alternatively, if you wish to be sent more information, you can contact a member of the numero team directly.

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