comScore research puts the spotlight on customer returns

Published on 22 June 2012 by in Latest News

online parcel returns comScore research puts the spotlight on customer returns

Earlier this month, we highlighted the need for organisations to streamline their customer returns processes. Our extensive experience with some of the largest retail and logistics companies in Europe provides a unique perspective on how to best approach the simplification of customer journeys through the returns process. Based on this insight we have developed innovative solutions to address the issue; investing considerable time and effort in these solutions to ensure those committed to world-class customer service can efficiently and effectively address the returns processes that are so important to consumers everywhere.

Indeed, a recent survey from industry specialist comScore has highlighted the growing importance of a fluid customer experience; the value consumers place on intuitive process, particularly in regards to purchase returns. The report, which surveyed more the 3,100 online customers, investigated the factors which led buyers to return items, as well as the areas businesses could improve customer satisfaction.

The most striking discovery of the research found that 63 per cent of online shoppers check a retailer’s return policy before making a purchase. Meanwhile, just under half said they would shop more regularly at a retailer which offered a lenient returns policy. Customers taking part in the survey also stated that hassle-free returns ranked highly in terms of its importance to their purchasing behaviour.

Commenting on the importance of a streamlined customer returns process, Susan Kleinman, director of comScore stated:

“There are several other factors critical to a positive online shopping experience. Retailers need a holistic understanding of these drivers if they hope to stimulate sales while maintaining healthy margins in this competitive retail environment.”

In conclusion, the survey pinpoints the growing importance online customers place on the returns process, highlighting the need for business to offer a simple and intuitive returns process. The fact that many consumers choose to relay their experiences to friends through recommendations or dissuasions should also be a wakeup call to many companies affected by complex or lackadaisical customer returns processs.

As a company, numero believes that customer service should be intuitive, streamlined and seamless. Indeed, our work – which ranges from mobile customer experience management to social media CRM – has focused on developing methods for organisations to simplify the returns process. The video below highlights our innovative solutions to customer returns – which have been adopted by many leading players in the world of retail.

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