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Published on 28 May 2012 by in Latest News

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At numero, we’re constantly working on ways for companies to streamline customer journeys. Our social CRM and customer management systems have helped organisations improve their retention rates, while decreasing costs and negative buzz from consumers online. The methods an organisation deploys when managing product returns is a significant part of our customer experience management software.

A recent article from Graham Charlton, editor at Econsultancy, highlighted some best practice tips for companies when dealing with customer returns. Writing in his article Graham points out 14 techniques for businesses looking to improve their returns process, presenting a number of case studies for organisations hoping to emulate the goodwill retailers such as ASOS and Next have built up as a result of their product-return policies.

One of the central themes running across Graham’s article is the need for companies to make the returns process as simple as possible. Graham makes the argument that, from having easy-to-find information to free delivery on unwanted items, organisations need to have a simplified returns process.

Writing on the blog, Graham comments:

“They could be viewed as bothersome, but the returns process does offer an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service and can have a positive impact of future retention rates, if done well. There is much you can do to reduce returns rates, providing better imagery and information on product pages, but even the best site will experience returns.
“So then it comes down to how you handle the returns process, and the better you handle this, the better your retention rates.”

At numero, we’re acutely aware of the need for companies to streamline the returns process. A simple and effective customer management system improves customer service and, as a result, consumer loyalty and retention. Our previous work has seen the team at numero work with a number of logistical carriers and retailers in order to ensure that the returns process is as simple and effective as possible. You can see a video of latest work in this area, with an iPhone app dedicate to customer returns, below:

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