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Published on 15 May 2012 by in Latest News

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Twitter, the microblogging social network, has revealed that it currently has 10 million active users in the United Kingdom. The revelation means that the UK is the fourth-largest country for Twitter users in the world, following the US, Brazil and Japan.

The news from the social network highlights its on-going proliferation within the United Kingdom, marking the platform’s growing importance. More significantly, the website also revealed that 80 per cent of the UK user base accessed the website via their mobile phone. Indeed, 8 million logged onto the site on the go during April, compared to the global average of 55 per cent.
Commenting on the news, Media Guardian stated:

“Twitter also points out that its users are particularly active in generating content: 60% have contributed to the network, either through tweeting or posting a picture or other content, compared to the world’s biggest video site YouTube, where sources say just 1% of users ever posts a video.

“Since [its launch] organisations including the British Heart Foundation, Cadbury and Absolute Radio have used Twitter to promote their services, while many others have taken advantage of the platform to build use.”

The statistics from Twitter highlights the growing importance of the social network, with more users turning to the service for conversations and customer service. Although, while more individuals are using the platform, a recent industry expert argued that many businesses were not adequately using the website for social media customer service.

Speaking about the extent of social CRM, Josh March commented:

“Unfortunately a lot of the companies that have taken the plunge on social media are getting customer issues sent to them but they are ignoring them. It’s publicly showing [their customers] that they are not helping.”

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