Neiman Marcus app hints at future of mobile shopping

Published on 09 March 2012 by in Latest News

shopping iphone app Neiman Marcus app hints at future of mobile shopping

American retailer Neiman Marcus is trialling an iPhone app which promises to revolutionise the in-store shopping experience for both customer and businesses.

Imagine: A customer walks into a store. In-store sensors, installed at the front of the shop, ‘recognises’ the customer from an app on their smartphone and alerts staff, bringing up a purchase history and a Facebook picture of the shopper so they can be recognised.

Meanwhile, the app also tells the shopper when their preferred sales associate is working on the floor. It also offers exclusive deals and provides information relating to emerging fashion trends.

The app, which is being trialled in four stores this spring, promises to revolutionise the way the company caters to their customers. By utilising personalised data to provide a bespoke shopping experience, the business will be able to tailor a service towards each individual, targeting specific customers with specific products.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen mobile play a more important role in the real-world shopping experience. 38 per cent of smartphone users utilise their mobile while browsing the shelves, relying on their handset to research the latest prices and trends.

The new Neiman Marcus app opens the door for more companies to take advantage of this emerging trend, offering the company the ability to interact with the customer while they are in store. It’s a clever idea and we’d be very interested to see if more retailers start using the growing use of in-store mobile to interact with the consumer.

We’ll keep you updated on any developing news.

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