Twitter registers 500 million users

Published on 24 February 2012 by in Latest News

twitter user numbers Twitter registers 500 million users

Twitter, the microblogging social media contact channel, reached 500 million users on Wednesday according to industry sources. The online network, which began life in 2006, registered the landmark figure sometime during the 22nd February.

The research, by Twopcharts, suggested that the site would reach the milestone at 8:45pm GMT. Writing about the landmark figure, Laura Dugan of Mediabistro stated:

“As of the time of writing, Twitter has 498,862,688 registered users. They’re less than 1.2 million away from half a billion, and at the current rate of sign-ups, Twopcharts is calculating they’ll reach this milestone [on Wednesday].”

Based on current estimates, the site is touted to reach 750 million registered users by the end of 2013.

The continued growth of this social platform has had a number of repercussions for businesses. The channel has become an established way for individuals to contact companies using the service and, as a result, organisations have had to embrace the social media platform as a viable contact channel. Businesses like BT, Virgin and First Direct rely on the site to communicate with aggrieved consumers and settle disputes, using the platform to directly interact with users and resolve customer issues. Due to the site’s increasing membership, more firms are integrating the channel into their traditional forms of contact.

Over the past year, numero has helped a variety of international companies integrate new channels like Twitter into their existing customer service processes. The numero solution, which has been utilised by the likes of Kitbag and Tesco, ensures that – regardless of the contact channel – businesses can provide a comprehensive customer service offering. Customers are evolving; your business must too.

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