The sentiment of brands on Valentine’s Day

Published on 14 February 2012 by in Latest News

valentines day The sentiment of brands on Valentines Day

Some interesting research regarding online behaviour during Valentine’s Day landed on our desks this morning, as research house Hitwise published a range of new research to commemorate the 14th. The investigation found that 6.7 million UK internet visits were made to websites related to flowers and chocolate, while at total of 830,000 hours were spent online on these websites.

The survey also discovered that 9.27 per cent of all online searches related to Valentine’s Day chocolate were directed towards the website of chocolatier Thornton’s, while Facebook was the biggest recipient of traffic from the term ‘valentines day’.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about you and your beloved. It’s a day to show affection to your favourite brands (or not, as the case may be). Here at numero, we’re always checking to see how companies fare in the eyes of their customers and Valentine’s Day is no different.

Below, you’ll find Twitter sentiment analysis on the brands most closely associated with February the 14th; we’ve looked at the tweets posted within the hour which mentioned the following companies: Royal Mail, Interflora, Clintons Cards and Moonpig. The infographic below highlights the distribution of negative and positive sentiment of each brand. These companies have been selected due to their activity during Valentine’s Day.

sentiment brands twitter The sentiment of brands on Valentines Day

On the whole, these companies are receiving a positive reaction this Valentine’s Day. The only company not enjoying it’s Valentine’s Day is Royal Mail, with many online users blaming the company for a lack of delivery. In response to this criticism, the Royal Mail Twitter account has been hard at work this morning, apologising for late deliveries and misplaced packages of love.

So, even though love is in the air this February, your customers may not share the same warm feelings of affection towards your company. It’s always worth keeping an eye on what your customers are saying about you online.

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