Consumer habits and the mobile phone

Published on 08 February 2012 by in Latest News

mobile habits Consumer habits and the mobile phone

Consumer habits are changing. Traditional forms of communication – the telephone and the letter – are being joined by new methods of contact; the smartphone and social media. These new channels are being used by consumers in many different ways: to research a purchase, to check on the status of an order or to file a customer complaint. Almost weekly, we are privy to whitepapers and new research which confirm that shoppers are introducing these new technologies into their purchasing habits.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen this realisation dawn on hundreds of companies; businesses which have evolved their contact channels to incorporate the 21st Century consumer. Indeed, over the past few months, we’ve helped international companies like Kitbag and Game develop their customer contact channels to include these new methods of communication.

The advances in mobile technology have established this platform as one of the most important contact channels for organisations. Smartphone consumers have the ability to send and receive email, visit a website, shop and update their social media channels, all from their mobile telephone. This presents both a massive opportunity and huge potential pitfalls for organisations.

This collection of mobile consumers is only going to grow; it is predicted that 50 per cent of the UK population will have smartphones by the end of 2012. The companies who have anticipated the growing demand for mobile-specific websites and contact channels will be those who will reap the benefits. 92 per cent of consumers have used the internet or apps on their mobile phone to research products or services, while 74per cent would be happy to receive emails or texts on their mobile from a retailer relevant to their interests. Meanwhile, social media sites now have over 140 million mobile users.

Customers are evolving. Shouldn’t your business be too?

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