US smartphone statistics revealed

Published on 20 January 2012 by in Latest News

smartphone ownership statistics US smartphone statistics revealed

The Android mobile platform is the most popular smartphone operating system in the United States, according to a new study from research house Nielsen. Statistics from the survey in Q4 2011, demonstrate that the operating system from Google, Android, now runs on 46 per cent of all smartphones in America.

But the research also discovered that the release of the iPhone 4S substantially increased the market share of Apple’s own operating system; 45 per cent of those who had got a new smartphone in the past three month chose to purchase an iPhone.

Furthermore, the investigation also confirmed the continuing growth of smartphone ownership in the United States. 46 per cent of US mobile users now own a smartphone, while 60 per cent of those who purchased a new device in the previous three months said they had chosen a smartphone over a feature phone.

According to Nielsen European Telecoms managing director David Gosen, the statistics from America reflect the growth of smartphone usage in the United Kingdom.

“These numbers closely mirror what we’ve been seeing in the UK. Our Q3, 2011 report suggests 45 per cent of UK mobile consumers had a smartphone, compared to 46 per cent in Q4 in the US.

“We expect UK smartphone growth to continue. Mobile operators, device manufacturers and content providers are really focusing on the benefits of smartphones, while the cost of basic smartphones is becoming more affordable to consumers, tempting them to upgrade from feature phones.”

Of course, the growth of smartphone users has ramifications for companies across the web. Smartphones enable consumers to:

  • Update their social networks on the move
  • Write and respond to emails
  • Purchase goods via mCommerce sites
  • Research and write company reviews on the go

The additional features on a smartphone require companies to evolve their traditional contact channels. Consumers have the ability to interact and engage with a business wherever they are in the world and organisations have had to expand their contact process to include new channels like Twitter and Facebook.

The key now is for companies to link up these new contact methods and provide consumers with a fluid and comprehensive customer service experience.

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