UK online behaviour revealed in 2011 Ofcom report

Published on 15 December 2011 by in Latest News

ofcom report 2011 UK online behaviour revealed in 2011 Ofcom report

A new Ofcom report has shed some light onto the online purchasing behaviour of UK consumers, discovering that British customers buy online more than shoppers in any other ‘major country’.

The research, the International Communications market report, investigated the behaviour of consumers across several international markets, collating various pieces of third-party data to create a comprehensive analysis of the media market across countries like the UK, Germany and Italy.

While you can read the report in its entirety here, the research did include a number of interesting pieces of insight in regards to UK consumer behaviour and the implications these may have on businesses hoping to stay ahead of evolving customer trends.

In regards to social media use, the report discovered that 71 per cent of adults with a profile on sites like Twitter and Facebook logging in on a daily basis. What’s more, 20 per cent of those questioned said they visited these sites more than five times per day. These findings demonstrate the continuing growth of social media as a place for consumer discussion around organisations and brands.

The mobile usage of the United Kingdom was also researched for the study, producing some interesting statistics for those companies currently adopting their customer contact channels; smartphone take-up is the highest in the United Kingdom compared to other countries, with 46 per cent of all mobile users in the UK owning an iPhone or Android handset.

What’s more, nearly half of British internet users accessed the internet on their mobile phone (46 per cent). The mobile internet advertising market in the UK grew by 118 per cent between 2009 and 2010 in accordance to this increased smartphone adoption.

All of this research demonstrates the continuing evolution of the UK consumer, taking to the online and mobile medium to pursue interactions and purchases which were traditionally done via other channels.

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