42 per cent of retailers offer m-commerce opportunities

Published on 30 November 2011 by in Latest News

mobile sales over christmas 42 per cent of retailers offer m commerce opportunities

More companies understand the value of mobile and social commerce, according to new Christmas research from One iota. The investigation from the research technology firm found that 2011 would be the year that retailers finally began to understand the potential of their online and mobile audience.

The investigation, which analysed the social and mobile commerce sites of the Hitwise Hot 100 brands, found that 42 per cent of retailers now had a mobile site with m-commerce functionality. This figure had risen from just 26 per cent in June earlier this year. Furthermore, in January 2011, the number of companies with a mobile shopping site was just 20 per cent.

One iota CEO Damian Hanson said:

“It isn’t a major shock to see such a jump in mobile take-up, particularly as we are now in the busy Christmas trading season. It’s a critical period and shows that growth in mobile can be longer be ignored.”

What’s more, the research also looking into the way companies were using social media to increase their revenue. The investigation showed that nine out of ten retailers have a presence on popular social media site Facebook. This number had grown from 75 per cent in June, 2011. Meanwhile, seven per cent of all retailers have a transactional presence on Facebook.

The news of this increased mobile take up comes after IBM predicted that traffic from mobile devices would set a new report over the Christmas period. The UK Christmas Season Readiness Report stated that traffic from mobile phones would contribute to over 10 per cent of all website visits in the country over December.

Here at numero, we’re glad more companies are placing resources into their mobile and social channels. More and more consumers are turning to their phones to interact with companies and organisations need to be prepared to accommodate this new channel.

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