A quarter of smartphone users check their mobile while shopping

Published on 10 November 2011 by in Customer Service

mobile shopping research A quarter of smartphone users check their mobile while shopping

New research from eDigitalResearch and IMRG has found that a quarter of UK customers access the internet on their smartphone while out shopping.

The study found that 50 per cent of those using their mobile did so to check the retail website of the store they were currently shopping in. Meanwhile, 62 per cent accessed the website of a competitor to the shop they were currently visiting.

When asked to explain these actions, 72 per cent of customers said they did so to check if the product was cheaper elsewhere. 14 per cent said they were reading product reviews from other consumers.
Derek Eccleston, research director at eDigitalResearch, commented on the research:

“Mobile is increasing becoming the cement between stores and websites. If retailers want to drive their mobile strategies forward with mobile sites, shopping apps and localised deals, then it is important that they offer customers the ability to connect.”

The growing trend of using mobile in-store has not escaped the attention of some of the UK’s leading brands. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis have all, or are in the process of, offering free wi-fi for customers. Indeed, the eDigitalResearch found that 25 per cent of consumers would use their mobile more during a shopping trip if free wi-fi was available.

Speaking about the implications of this research, David Smith, communications officer at IMRG, added:
“The development of a multichannel strategy is becoming absolutely crucial for consumer engagement, as demonstrated by consumer willingness to shop around at alternative retailers even within another retailer’s store.”

This report comes after we published the news that Christmas was set to see the highest level of mobile traffic to retail websites. More consumers are using their mobile; whether it’s for shopping, customer service or social media. You can discover why it is crucial for your business to be involved in this channel, here.

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