A different ball game in the East

Published on 08 November 2011 by in Latest News

Following a stellar performance in the Portugal Masters, Simon heads  to the Barclays Singapore Open this week, returning East in early December to play in the UBS Hong Kong Open.  From a ball striking perspective he will be hoping for a repeat of his performance at Vilamoura where his tee-to-green play was amongst the best in the field.  Unfortunately for Simon a succession of near misses on the weekend greens proved ultimately frustrating.

As Simon mentions on his website, the Portugal Masters provided the perfect opportunity for the numero team to spend time in his company.  Amongst many entertaining hours – including chance to take the video footage shown above – we learnt a little more about the Essence of the European Tour.  Including the attention to detail the players have in relation to their equipment.

Take Simon and his choice of ball for example.  Where some of us are happy to play with the closest ball to hand, its a different matter altogether for the tour players.  The numero branded Wilson Staff balls we have in the office simply wouldn’t pass the test for the pros.  Whilst they do a job, the performance characteristics are not what is required.  The most popular ball on the European Tour is the Titleist Pro V1 – the same ball we have also chosen to brand with the black and red numero logo.  Simon however uses the TaylorMade Penta ball and he provided a fascinating insight to his choice.  The original playability characteristics of the Penta did not meet his requirements so the R&D team at TaylorMade changed the construction of the ball to perform differently.  Today, Simon is really happy with the ball and how it plays.

Our founder and CEO, Guy Colclough, discussed this in detail with Simon over dinner and soon appreciated the parallels with the numero business.  In our market – especially in the field of social CRM in which we are undoubted world leaders – some organisations have selected off-the-shelf products that do a very basic job – rather like the Wilson Staff.  Others have turned to big brand names – the Titleist’s of software – while many are now turning to numero because of the unique performance of our numero interactive platform.  Rather like the custom-made TaylorMade Penta ball, our platform delivers the specific performance characteristics needed for specific situations and organisations.

Our ability to deliver exactly what the customer needs – by customising our proven platform – is the distinguishing factor for organisations like Cable & Wireless, Kitbag and Express Gifts.  It is also the reason why our leadership position in social CRM is confirmed by live installations that are transforming businesses while other brands are still just talking about solutions in the pipeline.

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