Mobile visitors over Christmas to hit new record

Published on 18 October 2011 by in Latest News

mobile christmas Mobile visitors over Christmas to hit new record

A new report from IBM, which compares online website users to traffic from a mobile device, has predicted a record-breaking year for visitors originating from a feature or smartphone. The research, featured in the UK Christmas Season Readiness Report, predicts that, based on current trends, hits from mobile devices will contribute to over 10 per cent of a website’s visits across December 2011.

The report, which collected date from 150 UK retailers, predicted the rise based on the growth of mobile device usage over the previous 12 months (a period which saw the percentage of sales from an iPhone or Blackberry grow from 3.2 per cent to 6.1 per cent). The investigation also discovered that mobile users tend to fewer website pages and spend less time on a website than those browsing a site via a computer.

The research from IBM also investigated the effect of social media on purchasing behaviour, finding that those who interact with an organisation via Twitter or Facebook were twice as likely to convert into paying customers, compared to those buyers who did not (11 per cent versus 6 per cent).

Speaking about the research, Marcel Holsheimer, global marketing executive for enterprise marketing management for IBM, said:

“Using a mobile device to browse, compare prices, check availability and store locations or make a purchase is convenient for the consumer, which can translate into significant conversion opportunities – but only if the e-tailer delivers a compelling mobile experience. E-tailers therefore need to monitor and optimise the mobile browsing experience to counteract mobile users’ tendency for short and erratic periods online.”

Here at numero, we’re constantly making businesses aware of the growing importance of mobile and social media channels, both as a step in the purchasing cycle, but also as a means to interact with the consumer in ways more traditional contact methods do not allow. You can find out more about our methods of social media and mobile CRM here.

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