Negative tweets and CRM

Published on 04 October 2011 by in Customer Service

twitter crm Negative tweets and CRMHere at numero, we’re always examining how people are utilising new channels like Twitter to share their own experiences of businesses. We investigate the way consumers voice their praise and concern and we keep a keen eye on emerging trends in order to better understand the latest consumer behaviour.

As such, we pay particular attention to a number of different features. How often certain companies are getting mentioned on Twitter? How positive or negative are these comments? How quickly are businesses responding to these enquires from current or prospective customers?

But, away from direct request for customer service, we also monitor the platform for references to certain words and phrases. One of the most illuminating searches comes from the ‘phrase customer’ service, a popular keyword which is frequently used by individuals in their tweets. Indeed, a search from the phrase ‘customer service’ brings up a variety of messages; some positive, some negative.

In all, there is a slight difference in the sentiment divide with 51 per cent of tweets being negative in behaviour. The list includes a number of comments from users aggrieved at their poor customer experiences. Some examples of these include:

  • “I have never had such poor customer service in my life.”
  • “What I don’t like are poor customer service responses via email. If I ask you 3 clear questions, don’t only answer 1.”
  • “Mailed customer service twice and no reply; very disappointed.”
  • “Customer service reps have been very unhelpful.”
  • “POOR customer service. I can’t wait to do my review on YELP.COM. it won’t be pretty.”
  • “Worst customer service ever.”

    It is worth mentioned that each of these examples feature references to the company who has aggrieved the customer. The business names have been removed from the tweets.

    Customers are tweeting about their experiences. They are sharing their bad customer experiences on Twitter and Facebook, telling their friends about poor service. Proactive social media monitoring can resolve these issues, turning a negative tweet into something slightly more positive…

    “Cheers to @CocaCola for great customer service. No long wait on phone, immediate issue resolution and refund. Other companies should note!”

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