numero dramatically improves first-time resolution and agent productivity for major UK call centre operation

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call centre numero dramatically improves first time resolution and agent productivity for major UK call centre operation

A leading UK contact centre manned by hundreds of agents handling hundreds of millions of transactions annually has completely re-engineered its business processes with the help of numero. One of the groundbreaking outcomes of this large-scale project has been a fundamental re-assessment in the way the business measures, monitors and evaluates the performance of its contact centre operations. Thanks to numero, the client no longer focuses on the simplistic and dated measure of average call handling times choosing instead to focus on more business critical factors such as customer satisfaction, first time resolution and productivity.

Key points:

  • numero solution streamlines customer journeys and internal workflows
  • replace average call handling times as primary indicators of contact centre performance
  • Back office automation frees agents to put more focus on customer relationships
  • Significantly improved ‘right first time’ service eliminates need for costly remedial action

What we did:

Through the numero act process, which was a critical success factor of the project, numero worked closely with the client to first understand, and then re-engineer the end-to-end contact centre process. The objective was to fundamentally streamline customer journeys by achieving high first time resolution rates, eliminating costly remedial processes and delighting customers with a ‘right first time’ service. To help with the process, numero consultants created detailed cost and impact analysis prior to building the software solution – providing full business case justification for the changes.

The secret to success was changing front-end customer interaction in order to reduce back office processing. This was achieved through the creation of a multi-channel customer interaction solution that not only handles traditional phone contact but also web-based, email, text messaging and written communication. The powerful numero software platform was utilised to its full potential to collect all the data required for each workflow, retrieving all the information needed for each agent to deal effectively which each customer case there and then. numero configured the system to retrieve data from up to 12 different back office applications and automatically complete multiple checks for the agent. This frees the agent to focus on building a relationship with each customer, while the system validates addresses, order history, credit worthiness, ID&V and propensity to fraud. Workflow is enhanced further by prompting agents with relevant questions to handle each customer, with screens automatically populated with relevant information.


The entire customer journey has been streamlined as a result, with the added benefit of empowering agents to handle customer queries originating from multiple communication channels, including online, phone, email and text messaging. As a consequence, the business is able to ‘get things right first time’ and dramatically reduce the need for remedial action, as evidenced by:

  • Greater customer satisfaction as revealed by customer delight surveys
  • Exceptional first time resolution rates
  • Extremely high levels of agent satisfaction with the system
  • Greater agent flexibility across different work types – for example with agents happy to work on enquiry correspondence alongside their traditional workload
  • Greater work type blending – for example with agents confidently handling telephony, email, web and written correspondence
  • Less workforce divisionalisation – with historical workload divides across teams eliminated

Thanks to numero’s powerful management information functionality the client is able to access, for the first time, real-time information on contact centre performance – including statistics on the efficiency of each agent, communication channel, work area, department and brand.

The future:

The client now has a powerful insight to the precise workings of its contact centre. As a result, the client is able to pinpoint further improvements and efficiencies and no longer assesses performance by the simplistic and generic measure of average call handling times.

Commenting on the project, numero founder and CEO, Guy Colclough said:

‘Average call handling time is a dated and simplistic way of evaluated the performance of contact centres. Organisations looking to deliver world-class service should instead be focusing on the satisfaction of their customers and the true productivity of their contact centres. In many instances it is actually counter intuitive to focus on call times and the priority should be on customer-centric measures such as speed of resolution, customer delight and customer loyalty. With a numero solution in place, clients can do that with ease.’.

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