The Nielsen social media report 2011

Published on 15 September 2011 by in Customer Service

Nielsen social media survey The Nielsen social media report 2011

Here at numero, we eagerly poured over the latest Nielsen report this week; an investigation into social media’s growing popularity and the effect online behaviour has on the purchasing funnel.

The research, The Social Media Report Q3 2011, looked into several different areas of social media use, dissecting the gender, age, behaviour and wealth of those using social networks like Twitter or Facebook.
Below, we’ve highlighted some key findings, adding our notes as to why these statistics are important in the wider issue of customer service.

Close to 40 per cent of social media users access social content from their mobile phone

Handsets like the iPhone or Blackberry give users the opportunity to check and update their social networking profiles on the go. While some feature phones allow owners to update these sites on the move, smartphones offer a range of social networking apps (the third most used app for those with smartphones), allowing a consumer to update their status on the go, sharing their experiences with the internet instantaneously.

54 per cent of active social networkers follow a brand

Consumers are actively engaging with their favourite brands on Twitter, happily receiving and interacting with companies. This behaviour allows businesses to promote their services and products, although there are compromises to be made; users rely on these online communities for customer enquiries and organisations are expected to provide this service.

70 per cent of active adult social networkers shop online. 12 per cent more lively than the average adult internet user

Social networks are a wonderful tool for sharing news, although they also serve a purpose as a recommendations service; users ask for product advice and descriptions. These engaged individuals are more likely to purchase products when advised to by their peers.

Key findings

The Nielsen report on social networking demonstrates that more users are turning to online and mobile formats when it comes to their purchasing behaviour. This behaviour looks set to continue.
If you’re not including these channels into your CRM, you will be left behind.

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