Average mCommerce spend on the rise

Published on 08 September 2011 by in Latest News

mcommerce Average mCommerce spend on the rise

A new research document from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has highlighted the growing popularity of mobile commerce after discovering that the average consumer spend via mCommerce has risen by 43 per cent over the year.

The survey, which interviewed 1,000 individuals, found that the average mobile spend increased from £12.20 in 2010 to £17.49 in 2011.

But, the research also highlighted the routes consumers took to purchase products on their handset, with 40 per cent preferring to go directly to a brand’s mobile site in order to buy products. 17 per cent of respondents favoured an app. Interestingly, the research discovered that consumers were likely to spend more on mobile websites, £20.77, versus an official application, £13.15. This acutely demonstrates the need for companies to embrace the mobile format.

Here at numero, we’re aware that more consumers are using their mobile phone to purchase goods which they would normally buy via a computer or in-store. Indeed, this is confirmed by further research from the IAB, which highlighted the changing attitudes towards mobile.

While 25 per cent of respondents thought of mobile commerce as ‘an experiment’, 42 per cent of those questioned described the payment and ordering of goods via their smartphone as ‘the easiest way’ to buy products.

Alex Kozloff, senior mobile manager at the IAB said of the results:

“It has been interesting to see from this study that the same people who were using mCommerce a year ago continue to use it in 2011, but this time are spending significantly bigger amounts on their mobile phone.”

Another interesting development from the survey came when respondents discussed their attitudes towards emerging mobile marketing techniques, such as Near-Field Communication (NFC). NFC, which allows real-world payment direct from a smartphone, was given a warm welcome by the research; 74 per cent of those questioned thought it was a good idea. Respondents said they would be most happy to purchase travel items, entrance fees and drinks or snacks via the technology.

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