The influence of Twitter users

Published on 24 August 2011 by in Customer Service

twitter brand awareness The influence of Twitter usersHere at numero, we’ve always stressed the importance of new communication channels such as Twitter and Facebook. We understand that today’s consumers want to be able to receive the same level of customer service through 140 characters as they do with a phone call or email. Many users place a premium on their online interaction with organisations via the company’s official Twitter profile and, as we have demonstrated in the past, an unwillingness to embrace the platform as a contact channel can have devastating effects.

It was with interest then that we read a new survey demonstrating that Twitter users are more likely to impact a brand than individuals on any other social network. The survey, which analysed the Tweets relating to specific companies on various social networks, highlighted that users on Twitter were three times more likely to amplify the influence of a brand than individuals on other platforms. The research found that out of those active Twitter users:

  • 72 per cent publish blog posts at least once per month
  • 61 per cent write at least one product review per month
  • 61 per cent comment on news sites
  • 48 per cent share deals found on coupon forums

In summary, what users read on Twitter often finds its way to other networks. We have often highlighted occasions where companies have enjoyed positive and negative PR as a result of their activities on Twitter and this latest survey is just another example of the influence social network users have.

But, are you listening to your customers on Twitter?

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