Asos sets social media example

Published on 22 July 2011 by in Customer Service

asos social media Asos sets social media example

Here at numero, we maintain a particular interest in the way that companies are using social media to promote their services and interact with their customers. We’ve written at length about how organisations should be using channels like Twitter and Facebook to answer their customer’s questions and queries, and we’re always keen to highlight extemporary case studies from these platforms.

As a result, we’d like to draw your attention to the news that, during the second quarter of 2011, fashion retailer Asos increased its social media fan base by over half a million individuals.

This news, which was revealed in a study from eDigitalResearch, showed that the audience following of the contemporary fashion house had grown by more than 100,000 new likes on Facebook and 66,002 followers on Twitter.

This result comes after Asos launched a dedicated F-commerce store on its Facebook page earlier in the year.

Derek Eccleston, Research Director at eDigital Research, echoed our own thoughts in his official comments about the survey, saying:

“As retailers begin to understand how to communicate with online shoppers across social media platforms, more and more users are willing to engage with brands within their own personal online space.”

Here at numero, we’re constantly talking about how companies need to engage on a social level; Twitter and Facebook are the newest consumer channels and more customers are seeing contact through these platforms as a viable method of brand communication. Indeed, those retailers whom are embracing social media are reaping the benefits; out of the top 100 UK retailers on Facebook, 12 of the top 20 businesses on the site are actively selling, communicating and engaging with their fans.

We’ll leave you with the thoughts of Dereck Eddleston:

“The success of Asos in this sphere is largely due to the way the young e-tailer integrates its campaigns across all social touch paths and the way it manages to maintain customer relationships and broadcast news and information to a larger online audience.”

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