New survey reveals consumer contact trends

Published on 01 July 2011 by in Customer Service, Latest News

new channels New survey reveals consumer contact trendsWhen consumers contact a brand or company, they want a quick resolution to their query. A recent report from Avaya, which surveyed customers from across Europe, found that 42 per cent ranked a speedy resolution as the most important factor when they interacted with a brand.

In England, 41 per cent of those questioned said that speed was the vital element when they were attempting to resolve an issue. 48 per cent and 44 per cent of respondents in Germany and France responded in a similar fashion.

The survey, the 2011 Global Contact Centre Consumer Preference Report, sheds some light onto the emerging consumer trends. Particularly, the investigation highlighted the growing importance customers are placing on new channels like mobile and social media.

Indeed, the survey discovered customers were turning to new technologies in their quest for service satisfaction. 55 per cent of those surveyed said they would prefer to interact with a brand via email, with 38 per cent said they would like the option of web self-service. Over one third of individuals said they would rather use smartphone applications to solve their enquiries.

Here at numero, we’ve been the champion of new consumer channels. Our fundamental philosophy, that every customer is different, has allowed us to develop new and innovative tools which are designed to help businesses manage and prioritise their customer contact. We’re huge believers in the notion that organisations should not be afraid to embrace new channels and that, by keeping up with consumer trends, organisations will be rewarded with customer loyalty.

This was further proven in the survey, which said that customer service was the second most important factor in determining brand loyalty; a quarter of respondents in the UK said that they would end their connection with a company over poor service.

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