Three reasons which prove you should be using social media

Published on 24 June 2011 by in Latest News

social media Three reasons which prove you should be using social media

This week, we’ve been delighted to announce the launch of the new channels section on the numero website. The pages, which highlight our work with three emerging consumer channels, is another example of how we’re helping companies embrace new mediums to provide a better level of customer service.

But even so, some organisations are reluctant to include these platforms into their customer contact process. Still, today’s new channels will be tomorrow’s traditional contact methods and sooner organisations begin to dedicate resources to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and mobile, the sooner they can begin securing their online reputation.

Our new channels page includes three innovative features, designed to demonstrate just why organisations should be dedicating time to monitoring these new platforms.

Consumer trends

Consumer behaviour is evolving. Where once we could rely on customers using the phone or writing a letter to contact a company, the emergence of email, SMS and social media has changed the way consumers perceive their interactions with an organisation. We’ve included this customer trends feature in order to demonstrate just how rapidly purchasing behaviour is changing. This feed brings up Twitter messages from some of the world’s leading organisations on customer behaviour; the latest news, opinion and research from the experts.

User sentiment

We’ve spoken at length about how consumers are using the internet to voice their concerns about companies. This graphic displays the user sentiment of various brands, allowing you to see how popular different companies are at any point during the day. The feed demonstrates that customers are discussing and judging firms online. If the brand isn’t on the platform to defend itself, who will?

Topic of conversation

Customers use social media to talk about their experiences. In order to demonstrate this, we’ve designed a feature which extracts specific messages from Twitter. At present, we’re highlighting tweets which include the phrases ‘on hold’, ‘customer service’ and ‘call centre’. Customers are talking about their experiences online; sharing bad experiences and praising companies that make their lives easier. Isn’t it time you started checking Twitter for what people are saying about your organisation?

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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