Top Tweets from IAB Mobile Engage

Published on 17 June 2011 by in Latest News

iab mobile engage conference tweets Top Tweets from IAB Mobile Engage

Those of you who follow numero on Twitter will know that we’re always keen to discuss the latest consumer trends. Whether we’re talking about customer service on Twitter or the growth in m-commerce, we’re actively looking for the latest news and opinion from other thought leaders in our field.

This week, we’ve been paying special attention to the IAB Mobile Engage conference hashtag on Twitter. Billed as the largest mobile conference in the world, the singe-day event saw speakers from Microsoft, Google and IAB talk about the growth in mobile use and the rise in m-commerce. Of course, many of their thoughts were captured during the day by enthusiastic delegates via Twitter.

We’ve collected a number of them below for your consideration:

10% of all Searches are now conducted on mobile phones.

Mobile is still the only device that customers have with them all the time – that’s why it’s valuable.

81% of mobile users use mobile devices while shopping

‘Mobile phone has always been about communication, so it’s going to be the best way for brands to communicate with customers’

No real surprise but 63% consumers feel that a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing

86% of advertisers would be willing to pay more for LBA as it delivers better ROI.

Nic Newman: in two years time 50% of the marketplace will have android phones

RT @jackwallington: 50% of mobile users start with search. 18% of all entertainment searches now on mobile. 14% for travel

50% of all mobile web usage is spent on Facebook. Mobiles are predominately still social devices

3 to 4 ferraris purchased through ebay mobile a month CRAZY

Consumers spend the same amount of time on the mobile web as they do in mobile apps

4% of Retail queries on google were mobile in 2010. 11% in 2011.

50% of mobile users start with a search

There have been 4.5 billion Android App installs. Apple have had 14 billion app downloads, to put it in context.

26% of consumers browse the web on mobile, 25% use apps

1bn people connect to the mobile Internet globally

30 days search to purchase on PC. Mobile just 1 hour.

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

3 Customer service trends providing great cust...

3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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