Research reveals customer recommendations by age

Published on 08 June 2011 by in Customer Service, Latest News

crm recommendations Research reveals customer recommendations by ageWe came across a very interesting bit of research yesterday that examined the likelihood of different demographics recommending a company to a friend or relative.

The investigation, which was conducted by Temkin Group, asked 6,000 US consumers how likely they would be to share the news of good customer experience to their nearest acquaintances. The survey covered 12 different industries, ranging from retailers to airlines and broadband providers.

In nearly every industry category, 55 to 74 year olds were the most likely to recommend companies to friends and relatives. On the other side of things, the 25 to 34 demographic were the least likely to share deals or good experiences to their connections. While you can find all of the research here (and we’d recommend giving it a read), the report also highlights two interesting points in relation to CRM and customer management.

Maintain traditional contact channels

The older the customer, the more traditional their contact channel. In order to ensure a recommendation from this demographic, maintain the more traditional contact channels – phone and letter. Ensure that this customer group is still adequately serviced through these means.

But don’t lose focus on the younger demographics

It’s worth pointing out that while this study found the 18 to 24 and 25-34 categories were the least likely group to recommend a company, the results for each industry were still relatively high. Indeed, 69 per cent of those between 25 and 34 years were still likely to recommend a retailer to a friend. Meanwhile, 62 per cent of 18 to 24 year-olds said they would recommend a computer firm.

The lesson here is that you’d be wise to include emerging channels into your CRM system. Mobile and social media are being used by younger customers. In order to ensure a positive experience (and the potential of a recommendation), companies should be able to offer a complete contact service via these platforms.

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