A week with mobile commerce in the spotlight

Published on 20 May 2011 by in Latest News

m commerce rise A week with mobile commerce in the spotlight

Over the past week, the numero team have been watching the tweets coming from a variety of conferences occurring around the country. While we’ve been interested to see that speakers at the likes of Sascon and NMAlive have been discussing the advances in social media monitoring and customer contact, we’ve also been encouraged by number of messages relating to consumer mobile use and the growing expectations of users in regards to mobile accessibility.

Some tweets which have piqued our interest included:

  • “Mobile seems to be an untapped resource at the moment. Interesting times ahead.”
  • “30% of smartphone owners open an app before getting out of bed in the morn.”
  • “11% of @mailonline traffic from mobile, 4 times more traffic from apple devices than android.”
  • “Is this the year of the mobile? 36% of people say yes, revenues to increase to 63.9% in 3 years say analysts.”
  • “5% of all search queries are from mobile.”

While it’s heartening to see a variety of esteemed speakers highlighting the growth of mobile use, these talks come in a week where the growing popularity of m-commerce became hard to ignore.

Indeed, a number of news reports highlighted the increasing expectations of consumers in mobile web and the willingness of users to start embracing m-commerce if and when it becomes available for their favourite stores. A survey from MasterCard found that 62 per cent of American mobile subscribers would be open to making purchases on their phone, while a separate survey from research firm GfK, also found a growing desire in the UK for contactless payment via a mobile handset. This particular study discovered that 72 per cent of smartphone owners thought that contactless payments were an ‘appealing prospect’.

Elsewhere, an investigation from eDigitalResearch suggested that half of smartphone owners in the United Kingdom were already indulging in m-commerce. This figure is up 30 per cent from the same study in 2010.

Gradually, we’re seeing more companies moving to capitalise on m-commerce, offering mobile-friendly sites and iPhone and Android applications with purchasing features. Indeed, today sees the launch of Quick Tap, the a contactless mobile payment system from Orange and Barclaycard which allows consumers to pay for products via their handset.

More and more consumers are going to be using their mobile as a path in their shopping habits.

The question is, will you be taking advantage of this?

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