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maze numero evening1 An evening to a MazeOn the 22nd February, numero invited six esteemed guests to Gordon Ramsay’s exclusive Maze restaurant for the first in a series of ‘thank you’ evenings. The event, hosted by numero’s CEO Guy Colclough, was an opportunity for the company to show its gratitude to clients and business partners around The Chef’s Table in this spectacular venue.

‘It was an amazing experience,’ said Guy, speaking to the numero blog this morning. ‘The magnificence of Maze is that The Chef’s table is in the kitchen, so you have the intimacy of actually being next to the chefs while they work.’

Guy explains that the unique concept heralds the start of numero’s tenth year of business and has been developed to show appreciation to the many corporations who have contributed to numero’s success. What’s more, the evening provided a platform for the guest (each a business leader) to discuss emerging consumer trends and likely technology evolution.

‘We have incredible relationships with our clients and the event demonstrates how far we’ve come as a company in the last decade. It’s a wonderful way to show what we’re doing as a business and to explode the myth that we’re no longer ‘just’ an email management company. In fact, we now have one of the most innovative and ground-breaking customer interaction platforms in the market today.

‘From a personal point of view, it’s a very proud achievement; to go from a gem of an idea in 2001 on how to handle unsolicited correspondence in a contact centre to now be able to show our guests some of the most innovative and efficient solutions in the market today. All from my own company,’ he adds.

But, the evening also represents numero’s philosophy of doing business: professional, yet personable; by inviting respected friends and business partners to share a meal and ideas together in one of the country’s finest restaurants. Indeed, the guest list includes an impressive list of thought-leaders; attendees to the first evening included the CEO of a multinational communications company and the CEO one of the UK’s largest home shopping retailers. Future events will also see leaders from the world of publishing, utilities, retail and customer service gather together.

‘I think [the guests] were genuinely impressed by the majesty of the event,’ reflects Guy. ‘The amazing team at Maze encourage you to get involved in the evening, even asking if you want to try your hand at cooking.’

So, what do six captains of industry talk about over dinner in one of the country’s best restaurants? A wide variety of subjects according to Guy, with the evening’s topics ranging from evolving consumer habits in social commerce to new business trends around smart phones and mobile computing. The evening also provided an excellent opportunity to talk through the latest social commerce and mobile solutions from numero.

‘Consumer habits are changing quickly,’ Guy states. ‘It’s so much easier now for customers to check things online like pricing or delivery dates. Organisations can no longer afford to ignore the huge waveform of new activity in the social commerce and smart phone space.’

‘Just how quickly people are switching from telephone [enquiries] to web was a major theme of the event,’ he continues.

Here, Guy takes a moment to reflect on the outcomes of the evening. While each of the guests will receive a personalised video of the event, he is quick to point out that attendees will leave the restaurant with much more than their memories. ‘When you’ve got all of these people in one room, you have the opportunity to take away ideas, share your own thoughts and discuss where the industry is heading. Everyone finds it useful. Based on some of these conversations, I have had a number of new ideas for our numero platform.’

Our discussion with Guy draws to a close, but not before he has the chance to mention that he will be hosting a further series of evening meals in May. You can follow numero on Twitter for the first news on these events.

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