The future of social media

Published on 23 February 2011 by in Latest News

the future of social media1 The future of social media Last week, we heard from our newest recruit, Rob Sandbach, as he predicted the top ten mobile trends for 2011. Today, Rob gives us an insight into his thoughts for the future of social media. If you want to comment on his predictions, feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter.

Facebook will continue to expand

At the moment, it’s an unstoppable force. It will spread across mobile platforms, into other networks and across the web. Using Facebook to sign into other sites will become the norm; already users can log into and Flickr with their Facebook account. More sites will follow in the future.

Twitter will continue to grow steadily

Twitter can be used to share news as well as to receive streams of information from preferred sources. The average consumer will join Twitter for the latter, but will go on to do the former.

Geo-location gets serious

Location based services are on the cusp of mainstream adoption and acceptance. Location will become more than just “find my nearest”, transforming an integral part of many brands’ marketing toolkits. Look out for Foursquare and Facebook Places to boom in the coming months.

Social search finds it feet

Social search has huge implications for the way in which consumers locate information online. It will soon find its feet and start being adopted, especially by “Generation Y”. Already, Google has made giant leaps forward with this integration. Look for them pushing this more in the future.

Social and Mobile will converge

A person’s phone and their online networks are where they store most of their personal information. These two repositories will continue to converge and synchronise.

Online community outreach grows

Brands will look outside of their own websites when considering their online strategy. Online community outreach will grow, powered by buzz monitoring and influencer analysis tools.

Social analytics will be rationalised

As with the above, social analytics will allow companies to monitor their entire online presence, not just traffic to their domain. The measurements and definitions within this area will become more standardized. Social ROI will be better understood.

Traditional PR will be abandoned in favour of social media

Formal PR will be not be forced into social channels, as brands understand that social media marketing requires an on-going commitment, a different tone, a dedicated internal resource when it comes to engaging with consumers through social media.

Social will replace commercial products

The wealth of information available online will start to replace real-word products. For instance, social satellite navigation systems could render commercial satellite navigations and paid traffic and map updates obsolete.

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