The future of consumer mobile use

Published on 16 February 2011 by in Latest News

future mobile trends The future of consumer mobile useYesterday, we introduced Rob Sandbach, the latest member to join the numero team. Rob, who has come on board to lend his considerable expertise towards our mobile and social media products, has made an immediate contribution to the company, taking time out of his day to note down his thoughts about future mobile trends for the numero blog. Here, he details his top predictions for consumer mobile use.

Mobile strategies will no longer launch with just iOS support

Brands are just starting to understand the need to serve all mobile platforms. In the future, this multi-channel approach will become the norm with applications and support for all major platforms.

Users will demand apps, not desire them

Users which see mobile apps as a perk of a company’s service will soon demand them as an essential factor in a purchasing decision.

The iPad Golden Age will end

With the arrival of Android Honeycomb, the webOS tablet platform and RIM’s tablet OS, the Apple iPad will start to see strong rivals in a variety of form factors.

Smartphones become very affordable

Reduced cost of manufacture and licensing will make capable smartphones available to everyone; including those in the less-developed world.

Android platform will continue to surge

The business model Google has adopted facilitates rapid expansion across a range of devices. Android will move from phones, to tablets to cars, appliances and more.

Android fragmentation will become a problem

The fragmentation problems which Apple sidestepped will start to hinder android development. Different devices, with different software versions, screens and interface options will make application development more difficult.

Microsoft will make a resurgence

Don’t count Microsoft out. Windows phone 7 is a strong, capable middle-ground between Android and iPhone. Combined with Nokia’s hardware capabilities, Microsoft will establish itself in the smartphone race again.

NFC will have real world impacts

Like geo-location was four years ago, NFC is seen as on the cust of modern technology. Very soon, we will be paying and ordering for items with our handsets at the point of sale and using our phone to access secure areas. The technology was the talking point of the recent Mobile World Congress this month with Google chief executive Eric Schmidt saying that it “should revolutionise payments when tied to advertising and location.”

Mobile advertising will catch up

At the moment, mobile advertising is still finding its feet. Soon, it will catch up with device capabilities (NFC, Geolocation & Social Connectivity) and become even more successful.

Subscription content is accepted

Consumers will accept that not all content is free. Subscription services to popular publications, music services and movie/tv show rentals will become the mainstream way of consuming media; both on the go and at home.

If you want to learn more about mobile usage and how consumers are using their thumbs to get in touch with companies, please visit this case study page on our website.

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