Top 10 iPhone apps for Christmas

Published on 14 December 2010 by in Customer Service, Latest News

When Microsoft’s Bill Gates presented his 1990s vision of a a core operation system with thousands of micro applications, he probably wasn’t envisaging the Apple iPhone and iPad platforms. Tipped as the hottest gift of Christmas 2010, these revolutionary devices are driving a new trend in consumer behaviour with more and more people now interacting with companies online and on the move. And yet, despite the hot trend, it’s critically important to remember that the Anne’s and Barry’s of this world are not early or mainstream adopters of smartphones and tablet computers and continue to prefer to interface with companies in other ways.  With this caveat, it’s especially revealing for leading brands to look at the sorts of things that people are choosing to do on the move through the apps they download.

As at 14 December 2010, the Christmas-related iPhone/iPad applications in the top 100 were:

  1. Angry Birds Seasons – paid app game
  2. Smurfs’ Village – paid app game
  3. Tap Zoo: Christmas – free app game
  4. Talking Santa – paid app entertainment
  5. Xmas Resort – paid app game
  6. Fragger – paid app game
  7. Dora’s Christmas Carol – paid app game

These, and an array of Christmas-themed applications as shown below, have found their way onto iPhones and iPads everywhere.  This trend towards instant gratification and amusement is key characteristic of Generation Y consumers and adds to our understanding and appreciation of their behaviour and motivations.

XmasiPhoneApps Top 10 iPhone apps for Christmas

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