New report highlights the multi-channel preferences of consumers

Published on 09 November 2010 by in Customer Service, Latest News

marketing article spread 604 New report highlights the multi channel preferences of consumersAn article in the 3 November issue of Marketing Magazine makes fascinating reading for customer services professionals.  Featuring extracts from a report published in conjunction with Lightspeed Research and Promise, the article highlights the trend towards new communication channels when recommending or critising brands.

Whilst word of mouth remains the most important channel for one-to-one recommendations (66% of consumers do this), 15% now use social media for the same purpose.  More importantly, 21% have used social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter) to discourage others from using a brand – providing really clear evidence in the growth of multi-channel communication in today’s society.

This trend is further evidenced in the report by its findings on the communication preferences of consumers. Marketing Magazine reports that over 60% would like companies to keep in touch by email – which is 50% higher than the figure for printed mail – while almost one-in-five specify text messaging and social networking.  Email, mail, the Internet, text and social media are all preferred above phone as a way of companies keeping in touch.

What is clear from the research findings – and numero’s experience in supporting the customer service operations of many large brands – is that customers are expecting a multi-channel experience.  It also confirms that businesses cannot afford to overlook social media and must find a way to efficiently interact with consumers via this medium, along with others.

Thankfully, numero already supports all communication channels including social media. To find out more, take a look at numero uno or get in touch using the form opposite.

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