The emergence of the empowered consumer

Published on 03 November 2010 by in Customer Service, Latest News

groundswell cover2 250x300 The emergence of the empowered consumerWe’re indebted Groundswell author Josh Bernhoff who’s article on provides a great introduction to the ‘digitally empowered consumer’.  Bernoff, who is senior vice president, idea development at Forrester explains:

“The universal nature of social communications has been supercharged by a few things. The spread of smart mobile devices means that people now have access to those connections wherever they are, not just when they are at a computer. The availability of Cloud services can tell you in an instant what your house is worth or whether the restaurant you are about to go into is any good. And then video creates a new dimension. The combination of all of those technologies means that the consumer who wants satisfaction is now in a position to have a lot more power than they have ever had before.”

The empowered consumer is close to our heart at numero, which is why we’re strong advocates of understanding the communication needs, habits and preferences of each segment you serve – rather than treating customers universally. Fail to do so and the digitally empowered consumer will take their business elsewhere – for example to your competitors who interact in the way they prefer.

One of Bernoff’s favoured case studies is Auto Trader whose iPhone app tells you the make, model and the price of used cars just from snapping a license plate photo. Something Bernoff believes to be “An extremely innovative way to empower people with mobile phones.”

We’re doing just that with numero functionality including smartphone apps that allow consumers to organise, track and trace deliveries and retail applications that enable users to use SMS messages to reserve products in a flash. Importantly, these innovations don’t just work for the consumer, they deliver significant benefits for the businesses that employ them.  This functionality is just one aspect of what’s possible with the  numero solutions platform, which provides everything needed to interact with consumers via any communication channel.

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