Some consumers just love smartphones

Published on 03 November 2010 by in Customer Service, Latest News

iPhone barcode screen 166x300 Some consumers just love smartphonesOur recent story on technology habits in the UK highlighted the three-fold increase in web browsing via mobile phones, with 13.5 million people now regularly doing just that. This remarkable trend is being driven in part by the use of smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry devices.

The need for consumers such as Jenny, Gary and Mike to interact on the move is vitally important to any business aiming to deliver world class customer service. It’s no longer possible to just think in terms of phone and written contact – to meet the ever increasing expectations of today’s consumer, you also have to interact online, through mobile data and via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the power of the numero solutions platform, this isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Take our new iPhone application as an example. It not only satisfies demand from consumers, it significantly streamlines returns processes – delivering significant cost savings in the process. So, as well as responding to consumer trends you realise big benefits for your business.

At numero, we make it our business to identify and respond to trends such as these in order to give our clients the ability to do the same.  With sales of Apple iPhones increasing by 91% in the last quarter (they sold 14.1 million phones at the same time as RIM sold 12.1 million Blackberries) and the Apple iPad driving a completing new computing revolution (with 4 million sold in the last three months), the trends can’t be ignored.

Take a look at our new iPhone app and remember, we also make it easy for you to interact with all your consumers, even the ones that hate smartphones!

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