British spend 50% of their time using technology

Published on 19 August 2010 by in Customer Service, Latest News

Research by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK communications industries, provides fascinating findings about the way people communicate and use technology. The insights Oftcom have found about people in the UK include that:

  • On average we spend half our waking life using media and communications
  • Each day 7 hours of our time is consumed watching TV, surfing the web and using mobile phones
  • Often this time is spend multi-tasking using several devices, so the average person squeezes in nearly 9 hours of media and communication activity daily
  • Much of the multichannel communication is a result of the rise in mobile internet use and smartphones
  • A remarkable 13.5 million people now use their mobile phones to surf the web, a figure that has tripled since 2008
  • Social media is also a major past-time for many, with Facebook alone accounting for 45% of mobile web use and social networking taking-up a quarter of the time we spend online via broadband
  • Silver surfers and others like Anne, are part of a growing trend of social media users identified by the research, supported by the growth in internet take-up which now stands at 73% in the UK, the majority of which is via fixed broadband

The Ofcom chart below shows how people interact and communicate throughout the day, providing for the first time a picture of our new lifestyle habits.

Offcom research British spend 50% of their time using technology

These findings provide further evidence of the need for organisations to support the multi-channel communication preferences of their customers and stakeholders.  numero was one of the first to recognise the trend, which triggered the huge investment in the numero uno solutions platform. With numero uno, organisations can easily and efficiently manage phone, text (SMS), online, email and written communication, giving them the power to interact with their customers however they like, whenever they like. With the launch of our SaaS proposition, the potential of this multi-channel nirvana is within easy reach of any organisation interested in delivering world class customer service.

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