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Published on 16 July 2010 by in Latest News

It seems incredible to sit back and reflect on the last ten years and think back to when Guy had the gem of an idea for the numero business. Back in 2000, we thought that it was quite reasonable to allow a customer to transact with its suppliers in any way they choose but such thoughts seemed like heresy.

Of course, back then, the world wide web was a hardly developed, smart phones, Facebook and Twitter were simply unheard of. Communications then, really meant telephones, letters and email.

What continues to amaze us is just how few organisations, even in 2010, have embraced technology and allow customers to correspond using any channel they choose, whenever they like. We just don’t get it. What is the problem? Just what is so wrong with sending an email to a bank or texting your favourite mobile provider? It all seems perfectly logical to us even though many organisations continue to hide behind the usual excuses of “it’s a security thing” or give vague “data protection” defenses. What rubbish.

Ten years on our development program is as full as ever. We have so many new ideas between us to deliver true customer excellence that the team on the second floor continues to expand and to work flat out. How can this be after 10 years?

Lawrence and his team really have excelled – if you read any of the Forrester or Gartner reports we have delivered the true nirvana of solutions which optimise the customer journey. From those humble origins, and our quite brilliant idea around our SmartAgent email management solution, Lawrence has delivered the numero interactive platform. Quite how the team designed this solution none of us are quite sure, but what a new platform this has proven to be. No longer ‘just’ an outstanding email management application but now a fully integrated solution that handles telephony, letters, chat, texts and web transactions managed through a sophisticated workflow and automation technology to create a single view of the customer and their cases. Amazing and we feel we are without equal either technologically or from a business improvement performance point of view.

The real challenge now is describing just how simple it is to configure the solution to address all elements of the front and back office functions. So whether our clients need a telephony application, an HR system, a logistics solution or a web self service suite – numero interactive can be simply configured in a modular way to deliver applications for the most demanding of situations. The problem is we have so many solutions we have struggled to articulate the power of the numero uno platform.

So Guy, along with the brilliant team at Delineo have been working on how we can easily describe these solutions to you. We have built another 75 pages of web content that describes our technology and solutions and in doing so we have tried to bring the pages to life by appending videos of the solution in action. This work is not the end though and having learnt over this past few months we have much more to come………….

So we all hope you enjoy your journey around the new pages and of course, if you wish to see the solution in action, please just get in touch.

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