When generations collide

Published on 26 December 2009 by in Latest News

We’ve talked at length about Jenny, our Fire & forget consumerist, within this blog. So too Generation Y that she belongs to, however when considering consumer behaviour it is important to recognise the generational differences that exist within our society. As well as Jenny’s generation, we have Generation X, then the Baby Boomers and the Traditionalists – all active for most consumer businesses.

An interesting article on USATODAY.com provides a quick snapshot of these generations, each of which comprises a number of customer segments, some of which we detail here. The communication challenge in relation to these segments and generations is perfectly captured by David Stillman, co-author of When Generations Collide, who comments:

“There’s not a magic age when you become a member of a generation. A tech-savvy and young-at-heart baby boomer, for example, might fit the Generation X profile, while a conservative Xer could think more like a traditionalist. But you should keep these general patterns in mind when communicating across generations”.

Mike datasheet thumb When generations collideIt is this exact approach we strive to address at numero. Recognising that customers such as Barry or Mike may be from the same generation but have vastly different characteristics, customer service expectations and communication preferences.

The latest developments within the numero uno software platform enable highly personalised communication, appropriate to the individual characteristics of customers, via any communication platform. Our work with some of the leading lights in the world of customer service, confirms how powerful such an approach can be, both in terms of customer satisfaction and organisational effectiveness.

In 2010, we invite organisations who are committed to delivering world class customer service, to investigate the potential of our solutions through numero act – a service we provide free-of-charge to clients. numero act establishes findings for the business case along with proposals that relate directly to the real world situations clients face. To find out more, just ask Guy, using the form opposite or contact any member of the numero team.

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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