How does Santa do it?

Published on 23 December 2009 by in Latest News

He speaks many languages. Knows exactly what every individual child wants. Makes sense of millions of poorly addressed letters, written in endless styles. Has his movements tracked online. Cheerfully accepts all forms of communication from email to wishes. And takes care of millions upon millions of specific requests in a matter of hours. Father Christmas really has cracked customer service.

Instantly identifiable by his chosen colours of red, white and black, good old Santa shares many things with numero. However, contrary to popular opinion, we have to acknowledge that Saint Nick isn’t powered by our numero uno software platform, but magic instead. Of course, that may change in the future, with the increasing popularity of social media, SMS messaging and online chat. Should the day come when Santa’s magic needs a little helping hand, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

cokelore santa 1947 How does Santa do it?For the rest of us mere mortals striving to meet the ever evolving demands of customers, remember that the best New Year’s resolution is to take a look at the latest release of our numero uno software platform. When you see what it can do with customer communication using any media, you’ll be forgiven for thinking we’ve pinched more than a few ideas from the great man himself.

Incidentally, the modern image of Father Christmas was popularised by Coca Cola (as shown here), an organisation that also shares our preference for red, black and white.

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