When did you last hear from Jenny?

Published on 17 December 2009 by in Customer Service, Latest News

jenny vid When did you last hear from Jenny?Our Fire and Forget Consumerist (Jenny) is part of the infamous Generation Y. Critically, Gen Y isn’t a one dimensional consumer segment. Rather like music genres, this younger generation is fragmented into many parts, each with its own communication preferences, styles and expectations. However, from time-to-time, it’s useful to consider some of the issues common to the generation, especially with respect to their style of communication and customer service expectations.

The team at The University of Liverpool provide an excellent synopsis of Generation Y, perhaps most tellingly highlighting that:

“Research indicates that Generation Y communicates differently to other generations, which also gives them a distinctive role in the workplace. Mostly this stems from their familiarity with new technology (combined with their increased levels of disposable income). According to KPMG, Generation Y rarely uses email; instead the preferred media are social networking sites such as ‘My Space’ and ‘Bebo’.

What many firms are suddenly discovering, to their cost, is that Generation Y is quite prepared to walk away from organisations that are unable or unwilling to match their values and concerns. Unlike Generation X, Gen Y has been found to have a far higher level of awareness about corporate social responsibilities and the environment.”

 When did you last hear from Jenny?Importantly for customer service professionals, this ‘walk away’ attitude is not restricted to values and concerns. Our own research and video evidence, confirms that the consumer segments within Generation Y are just as likely to walk away from businesses that don’t operate in the way they do. It is critical therefore to support their communication styles and preferences, yet too many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that the adoption of new ‘self service’ or email-based customer service systems will satisfy this increasingly important generation, when the reality is they want to chat online, instant message by mobile and even transact directly through their online community.

numero has pioneered communication with Generation Y (and all their older counterparts), so our software platform has the ability to support all these disparate communication platforms, while still bringing everything together within customer records. Importantly, thanks to our solutions platform, implementing customer service solutions that appeal to Generation Y is not as daunting as it may seem. Our solutions are typically implemented in weeks, deliver ROI in months and benefits from years to come. And, with out-of-the-box solutions that include i-Text & Reserve and i-Web Chat, we are perfectly placed to gain quick wins with Jenny and all her friends.

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