CCA – we want Jenny back!

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This week, we have attended the CCA event in Edinburgh. The event seems to have been a tremendous success and we applaud the organisers for their hard work and especially, for the innovative format. Everyone we met, seemed to be really pleased with the 2 days of conferences. 

At the show, we have launched our findings into the UK consumer profiles. At the same time, we have published our findings in the customer service performance of 80 of the UK’s leading conatct centres.

IwantJennyBack 110x90 CCA   we want Jenny back!

Can we have Jenny back?

But we have a big problem! Our lovely Jenny has gone missing!!!

Jenny is easily recognisable: she is a happy, ‘go-getter’ and carefree.  Jenny is a student and shares a flat with her mates. Jenny is very ‘switched on’ to the Internet, using it as a source of information, to conduct shopping and banking transactions and to communicate with her mates via Facebook, Twitter, MSN and others.  She is very mobile and dynamic, and uses the Internet on the go, via her iPhone – she is part of the ‘fire and forget’ generation, sending messages at a touch of a button, expecting a response without having to chase. You will not miss Jenny when you see her!

We are offering a £50 reward for the safe and immediate return of our lovely assistant. We are sure someone will have seen her and indeed, may have picked her up by accident. If you happen to see Jenny, can you return her safely to numero? Although, the show only finished on Thursday, Jenny is really missed by us all.

Many thanks.

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