Come on E.ON – smarten up!

Published on 19 October 2009 by in Customer Service, Latest News

EON logo Come on E.ON   smarten up!E.ON seems very keen to help me. Apparently, they would like me to install a new Smart Meter to help me save money! According to E.ON, Smart Meters are a new type of energy meter which offer a number of benefits to me. The blurb goes on………… “Smart Meters potentially offer reliable and accurate billing based on actual meter reads, which are collected remotely and removes the need for someone to read your meter manually”. So what’s in it for me I wonder? Saves time? And saves me money……… is this really my problem?

Well, I can tell E.ON is very keen on these meters. How? Well, in the last month, I have received 3 letters suggesting we install one. Well, my wife, Liz, is keen on saving money and a new world “greenie”. So anything, around energy savings grabs our attention.

So Liz calls E.ON. First surprise, we are paying premium rates to make this call! Next, we (well Liz actually) spends 40 minutes (yes, forty) completing the call to make an appointment. Just a dire customer experience. Anyway, we pre book our appointment and the ever efficient E.ON send us a letter confirming the appointment DAY. Yes, that is right, not between 1 and 3pm or in the afternoon, that day………… so E.ON seem to expect us to stay in all day for this privilege? Seems that is the E.ON way………..

We have a busy family life. Liz and I both work and this appointment means that we have to make a special arrangement foe one of us to be in on the allotted day. At this stage, we are really starting to wonder if it is all worthwhile……. Three days before the allotted time, we call E.ON (yet more time waiting to be spoken to) – they must be very busy at E.ON. Yes, we will be there on Thursday!

Well, let us tell you they weren’t! In fact, they failed to turn up on three separate occasions. To make matters worse, we call on the 2nd and 3rd occasions and we are assured that they will be there and that they don’t finish until 5.00…………… so, don’t worry. Worry, we were hopping mad.

Finally, I decide to complain and I send an email. I receive the automated email response to confirm receipt and find that the SLA is a 10 day turn around………….. 10 days!!!! 10 hours is a bad service, let alone 10 days.

Thankfully, the email reply didn’t take 10 days – just 5! The problem is, the conclusion of the E.ON team is that the issue needs to be raised with a completely different organisation – E.ON Energy Services. Of course we appreciate that E.ON is a large organisation but is acceptable in the modern consumer society to highlight how wide the divisions are within your organisation? It suggests a disjointed, inefficient organisation that cannot simplify the customer’s journey.

However, accepting that these things happen, we register an email complaint with E.ON Energy Services (rather than E.ON) only to be advised of another 10 day turn around to email enquiries – with 9 days expired there’s no response other than the automated notification of this unacceptable service level. All in relation to something that E.ON wants me to do.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome but the journey seems certain to continue along stormy waters as the enquiry travels between two disparate parts of the same organisation.

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